Genius Loves Company是Ray Charles的最後一張唱片, 也是他歌唱生涯中
唯一一張與眾歌星合唱的大碟! Ray Charles年過70歲, 他的歌聲富有感情, 毫不造作,每首歌都是從心唱出來,所以非常有感染力。從他的歌聲中,您會感 受到他熱愛音樂的程度, 或者可以說, 他與音樂已融為一體。 這張唱片是Ray Charles 在離世前一個月完成的, 附有Bonus DVD, 內容包括17分鐘特長製 作特輯, 絕對值得收藏。


1. Here We Go Again (with Norah Jones)
2. Sweet Potato Pie (with James Taylor)
3. You Don't Know Me (with Diana Krall)
4. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (with Elton John)
5. Fever (with Natalie Cole)
6. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind (with Bonnie Raitt)
7. It Was A Very Good Year (with Willie Nelson)
8. Hey Girl (with Michael McDonald)
9. Sinner's Prayer (with BB King)
10. Heaven Help Us All (with Gladys Knight)
11. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (with Johnny Mathis)
12. Crazy Love (with Van Morrison)








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